Alliander N.V. is the holding company of our subsidiaries and group companies, including the regional network operators Liander and Endinet. Liandon is Alliander’s knowledge centre and largely responsible for the technical innovations for the transportation and distribution of electricity and gas. Alliander’s shareholders are Dutch provinces and municipalities. The largest shareholders are the provinces of Gelderland, Friesland, Noord-Holland and the municipality of Amsterdam. More information about the legal structure of Alliander can be found at

The regional distribution of energy in the Netherlands is the exclusive responsibility of network operators. This is laid down in the Dutch Electricity Act 1998 (E-Act) and the Gas Act (G-Act). Network management is the most important activity within Alliander. About 90% of the revenue comes from connections, meters and the distribution of energy by Liander and Endinet. The other 10% comes from activities involving the construction and maintenance of complex infrastructures by Liandon, as well as other activities.

Alliander operates energy networks which distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands. With our work we facilitate businesses, homes, transport and recreation. We want to strengthen and empower society by providing free access to the energy infrastructure and giving our customers more insight into their energy consumption. Alliander is helping to bring an open and sustainable energy market closer.