"With the head in the clouds and feet on the ground!"
ARX ​​is a dynamic, medium and large working desk that strives for innovative and creative solutions for all its clients. With an average of 15 permanent employees, and various partners in its network that frequently work together with ARX is extremely flexible.
Cooperation and communication are key concepts for ARX for a successful design. The hallmark of our clients is that they are open to this innovative and creative solutions, and that they feel involved in the task. This applies both to professional clients with a complex urban problem as well as the private individual with a specific housing needs.
By listening carefully to the (implicit) demand from clients ARX can translate this together with them to a usable, creative solution. Within all the tasks we consciously create space for the involvement of the client. This requires a creative and flexible team needed.
ARX ​​is continuously working to broaden and deepen its knowledge. To this end it has set up the ARXlab, an innovation-branch where people, along with a project relevant external parties, keeps busy with research and development and focuses on specific and challenging issues. This continuous process of stacking knowledge, renewing knowledge and application will result in above average and concrete solutions. Results from the ARXlab include applied directly in a number of energy-neutral projects, including the project Rushes Field in Ulft.
ARX ​​also features its own small-scale, non-subsidized (modest) theater, the ARX Theatre. This former community center in the fifties was given a new meaning by organizing a variety of cultural activities, from concerts to theater performances, from movie nights to exhibitions. In addition, the ARX Theatre for rent for events, parties and business meetings. The ARX Theatre is also home to the ARXlab.
ARX ​​recognizes that making good presentations is a specialty .. ARX specializes in presenting effective presentations. A good and convincing presentation can mean the difference between whether or not to continue a job or winning a contest. ARX ​​presentations has focused on making individual products as animations, models and brochures, but also coherent presentation projects where the products are mutually reinforcing.
With headquarters in Hengelo Gld. and a branch office in Shanghai, China ARX is also active internationally.




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