BEAR Architecten

Main Activities - Architects and engineers, design of bio climatic building projects, project management,  research & development  in environmental building systems.

Specialists  sustainable building, and housing projects. Experience in the field of thermal, passive and  photovoltaic solar energy (BIPV).

In the vision of BEAR: ‘Sustainable Building’ is more than a technical solution. Sustainable Building stands  for a high quality in landscaping, town planning, architecture and culture.

In the design process attention is given to sustainable aspects (indoor quality, healthy buildings, solar energy, energy and water saving, sustainable materials and green around  (and on) buildings).

Important part of the work is the integration of solar systems in building designs. In the last 8 years BEAR Architects integrated approx. 2.1 MWp of PV systems and approx. 1.200 solar hot water systems in their projects.



  • NL 2800AH Gouda
  • The Netherlands
  • 0031 182 529899