The Breezair coolers are the only one in the world that meet the stringent VDI (Verein German Ingenieure) issued VDI6022 standard. Approval was obtained for part three of the standard relating to the hygienic standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems in production facilities and companies. 
The following statements are in the conclusion of the report. Mycelia were not observed on the Chilcel filter mats and no bacteria or endotoxins released by the Breezair cooler surrounding air. The Breezair coolers are thus the only one in the world that meet this standard. By obtaining this certificate shows that Breezair Netherlands Seeley International is the market leader and trendsetter in the world of ready ducted evaporative coolers.
In the Netherlands one can expect a temperature drop of 4 to 10 ° c expect from the air that comes out of the cooler. On June 20, 2005 in Gilze Rows was the afternoon tempering temperature according to the KNMI 34 ° C with a relative humidity of 21%, the output temperature of the Breezair cooler was 20.7 ° Celsius. This is a temperature difference of 13.3 ° Celsius.
The average water consumption of a Breezair cooler is 30 L per / hour and the Power consumption at 1.4 Kw / hr.
With the current prices of water and electricity may be counting on 0.25 per / hour. This is about 20% of the energy of a traditional air conditioning, here are the costs to + / - 1.25 per / hour.