bw_ruimte in projecten

In his role as an (Assistant) project leader, a Coordinator or a Secretary Bw_ruimte in projects helps you realize your sustainable projects by reflecting in a creative way on the design of the project. But also by delivering productive input and process guidance during the progress of the project. The combination of creative, conceptual thinking, practical experience and pragmatic insight makes bw-ruimte in projecten an inspiring and stimulating force in the design and elaboration of your projects; being reliable and involved.

Bw_ruimte in projecten likes working on to a more sustainable world works. It is neutral and reliable, analytical and proactive, targeted and involved, strong in connecting and communication. Good at developing innovative projects, where parties wish to work together on innovative ideas to more sustainability. Especially at the interface between Government, entrepreneurs and education lies the strength, because of the professional experience in all three sectors. Understanding the different sectors makes bw-ruimte in projecten a good intermediate, who can connect the different parties. Mastering English and French bw_ruimte in projecten can be deployed in cross-border projects.

bw_ruimte in projecten compares his role in projects to the role that roots play in a plant: although they are not immediately visible, they play a crucial role: they give support and nutrition and ensure it for a healthy, strong plant that grows and thrives. Likewise bw_ruimte in projects is the foundation and the lubricating oil for your sustainable projects: design, arrange and connect.