De Levende Stad

Welcome to de Levende Stad!

The city lives. Along with it’s people, it develops. The place comes alive through good interaction between man and the city. De Levende Stad (the Living City) brings everyone together who wants to play a role in it. It is an online network which follows the dynamics of urban life and contributes to the future of our environment.

What is a living city?

A living city is a city or a village, where people are living together in a sustainable way and will develop optimally. The environment grows with the changing needs of it's residents and users, and challenges them to develop further.

A living city can not be created. A living city develops by making the right sustainable choices. We do this together. This is a co-creation. And for this we need knowledge of the ever-changing needs. Using this knowledge well, the city can really come to life. Therefore, the foundation created the De Levende Stad. 

Because we bring 'our' city a life!