Identity of the place
The character, the individuality and identity of the place, often serves as inspiration to think quality and location-specific solutions. New plans are not made on a blank card. Every landscape which has built its specific history which combines features from different periods, a combination of substrate, nature and buildings, like adding layers over each other. New developments to build on existing valuable and characteristic elements, they can carefully in the landscape are integrated. Each problem therefore begins with a search for the foundation, origin. The surprise of the design is what you end up doing with it. In this manner, a new layer is added to the landscape, depending on the task in some cases substantially, sometimes subtle.
Workshop HZA
The team multiple design disciplines are represented: urban planning, landscape architecture, design public spaces, architecture. Individual designers are given the space to develop their strengths, giving us a multicolored "design style". Depending on the location and the task creates a site-specific and obvious interpretation.
Research and concept
Social context and spatial situation is a different task. A design can not therefore suffice to shape a program supplied by the client requirements. Within our agency provide researchers an important contribution to what ultimately the strength of the project must be a valid and clear concept.Voor specialized knowledge in other areas HPA also has a wide network of (independent) experts to enable external expertise is hired.
Town planning in sensitive locations
We work for both municipalities, provinces and developers. The assignments vary widely in character and complexity. We listen to the question, be alert to new developments and seek in an open planning process to clear solutions. Special solutions are then formed into a constant interaction between consultation, design and research.
The human scale as a basis
Future users of the site will eventually have to give a meaning. If possible, including through consultations, workshops and surveys during the planning process already filling can be made to this meaning. The human scale is always an important structuring element in our designs.


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