IS Maatwerk

The economic situation is leading for developers and other landowners, to hopeless land positions even for the long term. In many cases, the sites have already depreciated within accounting. The sites are in the waste bin. .

Before you really `shredderen` them, Maatwerk IS is able to perform a quick scan during a short workshop of up to one half-day. The result of the quick scan is a substantiation for the location 'to eliminate` or to get insight into the opportunities and possibilities that can be further explored.

The workshop is `lean and mean`. There is a workshop, to be led by a maximum of two representatives from IS Maatwerk, and there is a short presentation (Powerpoint) of the results and concluding the answer to the question 'Is this location a redemption, ore does the location has opportunities to examine? `It is possible to have, with a maximum of eight people on behalf of the client to take part in this workshop. We advise to include employees in particular who have no relationship with location development. Out of the box thinkers make valuable contributions here! Everything in this design is aimed to perform a final check, without major cost increase.

For this we can offer: 1 Call of up to 2 hours (by an urban and process designer ISM), one half-day workshop (through a planning and process designer ISM) and a short powerpoint presentation with substantiated conclusion (maximum two hours) without further written report or elaboration.



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