Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation is part of Kingspan Group Plc. and produces and sells high-quality insulation for residential and commercial construction and other industrial applications throughout Europe. The PIR and Resol insulation provide the greatest return per square meter compared to other (conventional) insulation. It is the easiest way to get to the Building and the future construction needs.
Cavity wall insulation
The cavity wall insulation from Kingspan Insulation Get best insulation in the cavity. You can insulate your cavity wall with two kinds of high quality insulation, Kingspan Kingspan Therma and Kooltherm. Both insulation achieves an excellent insulation. And are the thinnest plates in the market, so you can slim build. And of course the score sheet excellent in environmental friendliness.

Kooltherm cavity wall insulation
The Kingspan K8 Cavity Plate Kooltherm achieves a lambda value of 0.021 W / mK This is the best lamdawaarde for this application. This also has an insulating sheet Dubo label, issued by the NIBE. You build is guaranteed durable. Additionally you Kooltherm scores well on environmental friendliness.

Therma cavity insulation
The Kingspan Therma TW50 Cavity Plate, a PIR insulation board to achieve a lambda value of 0.023 W / mK This record is therefore an excellent alternative to the Kingspan K8 Cavity Plate Kooltherm. Moreover, we provide this record with a 20 mm layer of glass wool, the Kingspan Therma TW50 Plus Cavity Plate. Ideal when you free convection in the isolation of an uneven, jagged wall to prevent.



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