Overbeek Timmerfabriek

For our future it is important to improve all construction components to meet the developments in energy efficient homes and to reduce the EPC value. In homes where the walls and windows are well insulated, window frames can act as thermal leaks. The innovation of a Passive Frame is in the composition of the frame profile, with continually updated details. With a Passive Frame a U-window is able to meet 0.8 W/m2K.

Timmerfabriek Overbeek is a leading manufacturer of wooden façade elements such as exterior window frames, interior frames, adjustable frames, HSB façades, spiral stairways, front doors and rear doors, and so on.

For further general information about Timmerfabriek Overbeek BV in Haaksbergen, we would like to refer you to their website: www.tifaoverbeek.nl

Timmerfabriek Overbeek products are high quality and available in many colours. They can supply complete frames (including glazing, hinges and handles). Timmerfabriek Overbeek is ready and able to produce both large and small production series in the



  • Textielstraat 22
  • 7483 PB Haaksbergen
  • The Netherlands
  • 003153 5721409
  • info@tifaoverbeek.nl
  • passiefkozijn.nl