Smart Building is a vision, a thought, but absolutely no construction system. It is an answer to the problems of construction characteristics. Innovations at company level are not enough to drastically improve the building. Smart Building is therefore an integral vision level. It is for all players in building a cohesive solution to provide for necessary changes to come:

Smart Building is: Social and economic profits!

The decoupling of physical and organizational lines (plants) to be the key to more efficient and therefore economical construction to be. Industrial construction is made possible by the installation to give their own place in the process and in the building. Moreover, multi-purpose buildings remain in the future adaptability (flexibility).
This means a significantly higher yield, lower operating costs, a longer operating period and a higher resale value.

In addition, Smart Building a reflection on material flow and volume. It brings together the life extension compared to the traditional building, a dramatic reduction in environmental impact with it:

almost half of weight
construction thicknesses embodied energy
CO2 emissions



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