Thinking about solutions regarding the use of renewable energy systems. That's what moves Techneco. Here are our roots. For over 15 years Techneco has focused on achieving breakthroughs in the use of renewable energy. Reliability, innovation and enthusiasm characterize our approach.

Techneco supplies energy systems for housing, existing buildings, renovation and utility. And also for holiday homes, swimming pools, houseboats and plant nurseries. Our experienced team is always on top of the latest technology and developments in the field. Together with our clients we create the most innovative, profitable projects.

Techneco is one of the few suppliers in the Netherlands of fully integrated climate systems. In the case of a heat pump system, we can deliver the source, the heat pump, the coupling kits and the draining system. We ensure that the various components are perfectly matched. Moreover, the largest range of quality Techneco heat pumps in the Netherlands! Thus, the promised returns are actually achieved and Techneco is able to give a five-year full warranty on the system. The sale and installation of our systems goes through the installer via the wholesaler.

Would you like to get the most out of the sun? Then a complete solar system Techneco is a good choice. The concept consists of a PV Techneco setup, panels and inverters. We have extensive experience in calculating and applying the systems. You shall always receive the best configuration. The sale and installation of these systems is through the installer or wholesaler. Of course we also provide component parts separately.



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