Urgenda's goal is to make the Netherlands as sustainable as possible in practice during a period of half a century. Therefore Urgenda developed a yearly scenario (called the Actieplan) with icon projects and real life cases to reach that aim. Those icon projects are practical symbols for innovation and sustainability in various important social and economic domains like energy, electric mobility, climate and public housing. They are daring, innovative, make people and organisations enthusiastic about sustainability and are big and special enough to draw attention from the Dutch media, politicians and opinion leaders. 



A few examples of recent icon projects; Urgenda is involved in the introduction of several thousand electrical cars in the Netherland and in the harbour of Rotterdam Urgenda coordinates the building of floating houses. In due time this must lead to a floating city on the water with ten thousand inhabitants. The island of Texel must be climate-neutral in 2020. With those projects Urgenda wants to show society how sustainability can be reached and which partnerships are necessary for that social turnover.  


Urgenda is more a movement then an organisation in the classical way. A small staff seeks partners in society for smaller en bigger innovative and sustainable projects. The put the people involved together in a so called ‘Transition Arena'. In such an arena frontrunners, niche-players and the more or less enlightent representatives of the reigning regime are brought together to work out the process of change which is needed to reach sustainable developments. At the end that must result in new projects.

Urgenda organizes each year the Dutch Day of Sustainability, for more Dutch information, visit Day of Sustainibility



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