Dutch Design Week 2011


Felt designer Beatrice Waanders makes for her label The Soft World wool felt work of more than twenty separate European sheep types. In addition, she uses the hair of rabbits, goats, llamas and camels. The traditional luxury materials such as angora, mohair, alpaca and cashmere, are processed in a completely contemporary way. All wool is obtained from hobbyists and friendly sheep flocks in Drenthe. The rich color palette of the animals is part of the design, the wool is not dyed.

Beatrice Waanders is the worldwide textile designer and felt star on this 100% ecological manner. There is much interest in her work that she sells worldwide, with sales of New York to Tokyo.

During the lecture she will tell an inspiring story about her way of working and obtaining and processing the wool.

Date:             October 23, 2011, as part of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven
Location:        Textile Factory Schellens, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven
Lecture:         13:00 - 13:45 o'clock
Workshop:     14:00 - 16:30 hours
Cost:             Free Lecture, Workshop E 45, -
Registration:  via info@thesoftworld.com