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The project INEX Houses is the graduation project of two Built Environment students: Tommy Safe-Adewumi & Maarten Hercules, currently in their final semester at the HAN University in The Netherlands. In collaboration with the assisting school organisation Lectoraat Zorggericht Bouwen.

They are developing a design and plan for affordable houses aimed at the middle class of Lagos, Nigeria.

Their main goals are to tackle unhygienic living and by doing so improving the living standards and mental wellness of the middle class, with an outcome of significant increase in the average life expectancy.

Tommy and Maarten have acquainted themselves with the GB4All">GB4All and Green Desert projects during their preliminary research before embarking on their coming journey to Nigeria on the 2nd of March 2011.

They will in return be bringing us up to speed with their future accomplishments and acquired information.

But to make these possible please support them financially and donate some funds to the following account:
Account number: 150485034
Account holder: T Safe-Adewumi, in Arnhem

Much gratitude ...............