investing abroad


SusAr parties invest in developing an energy and drinkwater yielding home for the African market. Abroad Africa, there is interest in the concept.

For the idea and design Olthaar Ontwerpen is responsible. Fifteen years ago, Hans Olthaar traveled around West Africa and brougt many pens for the kids at school wanted to learn to write. Hans was there again recently and thought at the last moment he brought only 100 pens with the idea that this is no longer necessary. On the spot he lost them within 1 day. Although the country develops, there is still a need for many basic services such as water for consumption, fuel for cooking food and hygienic sanitation. Herefore Hans Olthaar designed a self-sufficient (water, gas and electricity) and affordable housing.

This is because he was invited by Lydia Foundation. Lydia Foundation has the commitment to providing better local living conditions, that's why. S'Unity plays an important role in translating and exporting which is not available locally.

ITS BPG those responsible for the construction and building, is familiar with Olthaar for multiple projects in Libya, had to be receptive to the idea of implementing it. ITS BPG did anyway quite a lot experience abroad, in addition to being located in the center of the port. So that allows the produced goods being transported across the quay to load the boat.

Responsible for the engineering and installations is DKC. They knows what it's like to work abroad and already have equipment for extreme present climat conditions realized. In North Africa, DKC brought order out under unpredictable conditions to effective quality systems.

WD Bouwcunsultancy also has experience with an African project, From the love of projects to successful conclusion and a deep commitment to social sustainability takes WD Bouwcunsultancy with full dedication to the project management on his behalf.

Achterbosch Architectural has developed the design into a recognizable and timeless translation of modern comfort for the African market for the purpose of reproduction. The house is designed for repetition and therefore has been considered for construction in series production.

The investigation of local climatic conditions versus the energy within environmental standards was conducted by Physixfactor. They have investigated the relationship between what is provided by nature and what has desired in a different house. These results are fully translated into the technical installation.

Furthermore, the following parties participated in the realization of a working prototype: Smart Building for construction inspiration and IPC subsidy, structural engineer by Goudstikker de Vries, Van der Weerdt drawed production details, Exin drawed layout proposals and construction budgets and Life Cycle Analysis are produced by Vitruvius Consultancy