Sustainable 100


For the second time, newspaper Trouw shows the Sustainable 100, a list of influential sustainable Dutch inhabitants. Hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds, who have in common that they are not discouraged by doom about climate change, deforestation and overpopulation.

They know the facts, but are nonetheless optimistic, forward-looking, even visionary. They know what they are doing and they know where they are doing it for. For a green and equitable world. As winner Herman Wijffels says: "We can step in a different phase and do it differently and better. It is a matter of will."
Technically it is possible to save energy. To produce without mess or dirty air. Agricultural Greenhouses can produce energy instead of wasting energy. Even the world trade can change, since many coffee brands pay attention to where their beans come from, to name but a hopeful example.
The Sustainable 100 tries to capture the broad concept of sustainability into the people who are working on it. Executives and the (former) politicians who stick their necks out, the scientists and journalists that bite, the entrepreneurs who see opportunities. A tricky exercise remains, for how you compare a banker with an architect? And who is the most influential?
Unexpectedly created the Sustainable previous 100 a new reality. People on the list, were looking for each other. They were frequently invited as a speaker or expert or were making promotion. A paper network became a living network. It would be nice if this list leads to much discussion and meetings.
Less than the last time the sustainable 100 is a network of bosses of environmental clubs; it is a list of influential people with their roots firmly in the society. So it makes the innovative waste disposer Ruud Sondag (new location at 51) happy: "Do not point the finger, but just do it yourself."

For more info: see article Trouw (Dutch version)