ACO showerdrain

The ACO Shower Drain WTW uses
the warmth of your own shower water! WTW represents Warmteterugwinning. The principle is simple:
the heat of the used
shower water warms the cold water, which flows to
the thermostatic mixer tap.
This results in
an additional source of energy amounting to approximately
10 kW switched on when showering, energy
that would otherwise disappear down the drain .
This without extra cost and without
environmental impact.

In practice, about half of the energy required
for showering can be recovered. This additional heat source
reduces your energy consumption and increases
comfort. The ACO Shower Drain WTW contributes in an important way to the
lowering of the EPG for homes and it
gives the house a better energy label. In
existing situations the ACO Shower-
Drain WTW helps to retrieve more from the existing hot water system.