clay plaster color


Leembouw Nederland produces Tierrafino, which offers you a range of building materials which is not only a beautiful finish in your home or workplace, it has been developed in such a way that it contributes to health and environment.

Tadelakt Tierrafino Stone is a water-proof, shiny lime-based plaster for interior and exterior use, supplied as a powder. Tierrafino Stone's strength and marble-like appearance make it ideal for bathrooms, fireplaces, table-tops, stairways, pillars and other ornamental use.
This beautiful finish follows the old Moroccan "Tadelakt" tradition. Tadelakt, freely translated, means to rub in. In this case it is meant that the nearly finished lime coat is polished with a stone, rubbing Tadelakt soap into the surface. The Tadelakt soap, which is based on pure olive oil, adds to the shine, but perhaps even more important, it makes sure the surface is left waterproof.