DerbiPure, plant roofing Derbigum, is the winner of the award-DUBO. This award is presented to the best sustainable product, system, concept or idea that the greatest potential for the market. The jury judged all 22 nominees on the criteria of innovation, effectiveness, feasibility and financial viability, and voted unanimously for DerbiPure.
Derbi Pure is a complete ecological alternative in the market for bituminous roofing. The membrane, made from vegetable oils and resins, has already been awarded the Cradle to Cradle certification (of the EPEA) and DUBOkeur (NIBE).

DERBIPURE ®, the first white roof based on natural resources is a non-bituminous waterproofing membrane from plants and is reinforced with a composite glass / polyester reinforcement impregnated with an acrylic coating high reflective. The durability of the coating is guaranteed through the EASYCLEAN technology. Its operation as a passive cooler enables energy savings.
Once installed on the roof reduces the production of CO2 during its lifetime. Its neutral pH coating can be recycled rainwater.

"The innovative product DerbiPure brings great environmental improvement with them and can be rolled out widely in the Netherlands without complicated adaptation of existing systems," said the jury. With its ecological composition, this DerbiPure waterproofing membrane a future-oriented solution to the problem of raw bitumen, a petroleum product. Oil is not renewable and inexhaustible resource, hence Derbigum worked to develop a membrane with the same qualities and characteristics as the existing bituminous roofing DERBIGUM, but not from crude oil.

The top layer of DerbiPure white reflects the sun's rays with resulting in an optimal passive cooling inside the building so that in summer the temperature under a flat roof with 5°C or lower. With DerbiPure and passive cooling systems have air conditioning less or not work, so there are 2 € / m² per year on energy costs and saves the working comfort of the employees increases significantly. With a reflectivity of 81% and 81% achieve an emissivity of a Solar Reflectance Index PureDerbi (SRI) 100. Here, the higher the SRI value, the better. Moreover, the membrane 100% recyclable, and the coating on the top layer can be recycled rainwater. The longevity of a DerbiPure roof with all these properties and are environmentally friendly production with low CO2 emissions ensure that the ecological footprint reduces sensitivity.

Derbigum develops innovative and sustainable solutions tailor-made for roofs and buildings with purpose and energy costs, renewable energy production, increasing durability and hence the carbon footprint of the building limit.