energy & water control system


“SWYCS, See What You Can Save for energy management and communications networks!

SWYCS is a system designed to measure, control and reduce your energy charges, and make a positive contribution to the environment at the same time. SWYCS is the perfect solution for sustained energy savings. It allows you to measure, gain an insight, compare and then act because it switches on and off automatically.

In addition to reducing your energy bill, SWYCS also provides a smart communications network. By connecting or adding the generic SWYCS communications unit to your electrical appliances, you can access existing equipment through the Internet without a worry. Engineers can monitor and operate, or reset, hot water boilers by remote control. Specialists at the hospital can log onto individual patients’ equipment directly online via SWYCS. This not only improves services and logistics, but also ensures extra safety. SWYCS communicates, brings down costs and is safe.

Awareness leads to savings. The SWYCS ECM (Energy Competition Monitor) allows staff at your organisation to use energy more consciously and encourages them to cut down on their usage. Energy usage can be monitored realtime through the SWYCS ECM. The system generates a description of energy consumption in euros for each workspace at each of your (office) locations. You will have an open and honest understanding of how consciously you and your colleagues are using energy, with the competitive element of the ECM ensuring long-term behavioural change.

SWYCS is suitable for use in existing and newly constructed buildings.”