evaporative cooling system


Each Breezair cooler operates on the evaporative cooling principle and contains a large ChillCel ® or Aspen Fiber filter mat. During the cooling cycle, the filter mats kept wet by a unique water distribution system.
Warm outside air passes through a quiet and powerful fan driven through the filter mats and cooled down by the evaporative cooling process.

The hotter and drier the air, the faster the water evaporates and the cooler the air.

Breezair Cooling

 - Uses only 10% of electricity compared to air.
 - If the temperature rises, the yield improved.
 - The cooling capacity are limited only by the air conditions. The hotter the more cooling
    power, COP can reach up to 50
 - Quietest cooler world
 - Cooling with open windows and doors.
 - RV rarely below 50%, indicating less risk of static electricity.
 - Easy to install.
 - No major structural changes.
 - Easy to maintain.
 - 100% cool fresh air system.
 - Uses tap water.
 - Only the world with a legionella certificate.
 - Fully automated control.
Air Conditioning

 - Uses a lot of power at impact of the compressor.
 - If the temperature rises reduction in yield
 - Air conditioning is limited in its theoretical COP (efficiency) which is about 3.5 kW per 1
   kW of electrical consumption.
 - Compressors are noisy.
 - Windows and doors must remain closed.
 - Low Step by dehumidification this creates static electricity. And drying of the eyes and
 - Complex systems.
 - Expensive structural adjustments.
 - Expensive to maintain.
 - 85% of the air is recirculated only 15% fresh air.
 - Makes use of harmful refrigerants.
 - Mandatory annual inspection procedure.
 - Rules of the supply and exhaust air are often not automated.