green (sound) walls and roofs with pattern


The construction of green roofs at a reasonable price today is still not easy. However, unlike the most common methods is the application of plant on flat or pitched roofs and vertical walls with the patented dura green prefabricated mounting system BBD International and also a simple task has become affordable.

Plants supplied by their ability to atmospheric CO2, particulates and noise reduction a major contribution to a healthy environment. These properties are also particularly useful for mounting dura green planters on noise barriers along existing highways. Therefore BBD also introduces dura green prefab green noise barriers, which can be placed in a short time without excessive disturbance to traffic.

The heart of the BBD "dura green" system consists of square plastic containers of 60 x 60 cm, which are implanted with 6 to 8 species of sedum plants. By choosing an appropriate color palette is possible graphics such as company logos, numbers and letters of plants on the wall or roof to convert. It is also possible to combine bins with solar panels.


BBD International