Holz 100


Can a house be the filling station for the energy of life and health?

Houses as oases of security – this type of usage is becoming increasingly important. The world record for heat insulation and energy saving mitigates your worries over your energy balance. As regards indoor air-conditioning data, protection against extreme heat, cold, mobile radio waves but also soundproofing, fire protection and earthquake security, the Holz100 house achieves top values with its non-glued solid-wood casing.

Thanks to the invention of Thoma, a new era of quality wood construction was heralded in. The patented Thoma Holz100 construction method wraps its inhabitants with pure, solid wood. Without any chemicals or metal, you dive deep into the magic of trees in this house and experience state-of-the-art wood which is high-tech at the same time. The enthusiasm of thousands of Holz100 inhabitants is our reference.

Erwin Thoma aims to wrap his principles in nothing but healthy
His first patent described a then entirely new solid wood construction system. Instead of polluting glues or metals, houses are made as solid wood casing, resistant to subsidence and built windproof. Wooden dowels that have been tried and tested for millennia are used as the connecting material. In the
correct thickness and quantity, they connect the individual layers of wood to indestructible solid wooden blocks. Thanks to the sophisticated position of the individual layers, the newly obtained construction elements become highly water resistant.

The benefit of the invention is unexpected: World record in heat insulation, significantly better than heat protection, fire security, radiation shielding, earthquake safety, 100% protection against convection and mould growth. And apart from all the technology, the energy and the magic of the trees remains
preserved unaltered.


Eco Scala