large underground water storage



Affordable and volumous greywater storage makes gray water systems, under certain conditions, a feasable construction.

This system consists of loose plastic blocks (90x60x45 cm) with a honeycomb structure, in a waterproof foil wrapped. The blocks can be fully interlinked, both in length and in depth, depending on the desired volume of the water storage. Special blocks allow pipe work to pass through the system. Everything is possible and a highload make it multifunctional.

The benefits of this type of grey water storage:

  • Stable foundation for each surface.
  • Suitable for the sotrage of rain water, coolant water, foul (waste) water, etc.
  • Responsibly constructed. 
  • Easy installation.
  • Clean and algae-free storage.
  • Stable temperature.
  • Maintenance free.
  • 100% recyclable high residual value.
  • Does not require Regulatory Permits. 
  • Guarantee of quality.


DKC Totaal Techniek