polymeer verwarmingssysteem


Renovated homes in which the concept of ActiveWarmth has been implemented, are visible radiators or other heat sources in the past. In the walls are applied invisible polymer mats (synthetic rubber), which emit radiation after low voltage is feeded. Within fifteen minutes, the temperature increase eight degrees Celsius, whereas a conventional system takes three times as long.

Motion detectors in the ceiling controls the temperature in the presence and activity of the people in the room. The user can switch the system as wished and the heating and cooling will change imperceptibly smoothly. As a third skin, a comfortable temperature will move by him. The temperature can be set as desired. Heating following the Active Warmth concept means 99.9% of the energy converts into heat and using the heat efficient by the intelligent system.

Core of the wall heater is an invisible polymer heating. The walls are heated by mats of polymer (a synthetic rubber) that are stuck on drywall. The connection of low voltage electrical current begins by chains of carbon particles, thereby making the temperature rises to a predetermined value. Smart motion sensors in all rooms of the house set the system to operate only where someone is present so that the energy is used efficiently. Soon there is a pleasant chill, which in a conventional system lasts much longer.

We already had electric heating through radiators that heat a room but not evenly, are much less efficient, taking in every room space and are not fed by low voltage. In the future, the electric heating the house can even be controlled remotely via mobile phone or internet.

The electric wall heater is consistent with other renewable energy components of the renovation concept, such as a heat recovery system, hot water and high isolation. Together they form a comprehensive system that ensures the most efficient energy use and provides strong local ermindering v CO ² emissions.