solar film


In a polymer bitumen membrane with an exclusive white reflective acrylic coating that are baked into the reinforcements amorphous photovoltaic cells. This guarantees a very long durability and ensures a constant high yield output of the solar panels.

- Light and flexible, minimal impact on the supporting structure (cell weighing 
  3.5 kg/m2).

 - No perforation of the roof: no risk of leakage.

 - Less impact on the orientation of the roof: the cells are installed horizontally.

 - Better performance, even in diffuse light, thanks to the triple Jonction
   technology, these cells cloudy periods are bridged.

 - Less sensitive to partial shade, the bypass diodes keeps production in 

 - Leaves no shadow after: the surface can be used optimally.

 - Highly resistant: the cells are incorporated into plastic, not glass.

 - Discrete: perfect integration with the roofing and invisible from the ground.

 - Temperature: hardly power loss at high temperatures.