thermal solar panels


Thermal solar panels works on the principle that the sun radiation heats a fluid that flows through the solar panel. The liquid, usually a type of cooling liquid, is used for the hot water supply in the home, these systems are also known solar boilers mentioned.
A solar water heater consisting of a collector (1) (solar panel), pump (2) and a storage vessel (3) in the storage vessel, the heated liquid delivers the heat to the tap water. This preheated water will be reheated by a heater, heat pump or a boiler (4) and flows to the tap or shower.
A heat pipe is a transport mechanism that can move large amounts of heat. The displacement is much larger than normal due to simple conduction would be possible, at much smaller temperature differences and / or over long distances. In a heat pipe is a transport medium, that the warm side evaporates, whereby the energy absorber, as a gas is moving towards the cold side, where it condenses and gives up the heat, and then again as a fluid return flow to the hot side.


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