auditorium and OT-entries in 5 weeks instead of 5 months



In Benghazi, Libya's second city, we had a hospital project, which in the Netherlands would have a turnaround time of 5 months, and we achieved this in 5 weeks. The reflected the opening of the hospital without accessible operating theatres and auditorium.


Upon receiving the commission the design was created and visualized on the Friday before the flight, during the flight itself (Saturday) and in the hotel room later that same evening. Arriving at the location (Sunday) showed up a number of reality differences, which were incorporated within an hour, after which the engineering and construction commissions were extended.

The following day (Monday) the commission was reinforced by the provision of on-site building and architectural works, and with the delivery of window and door frames, doors, ceilings, furnishings, multi-media apparatus and flooring from the Netherlands. All of which occurred at the end of the ‘building holiday” period.


Within two weeks cargo flights were fully loaded and bound for Libya, containing materials not available locally. In the last two of the five week we travelled in two groups to Libya and delivered all materials on location which were fitted, installed and ready to go.

Exactly within the set timeframe of 5 weeks we had designed, engineered, ordered, delivered, fitted, installed and realized the project. This was partly made possible due to the input of the commissioner’s labour pool, which made it possible to succeed within the short project period, both in Libya and in the Netherlands.



Handing over


Project type

interior existing building


500-1,000 m2





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