Elegant 4-star hotel



The new Roda JC Stadium in Kerkrade was built in 2000. Space was created beneath and beside the stands for offices, shops, catering and leisure. The plan called for the hotel to be realised within 3 months. With a tight contract, strict planning and full cooperation from all parties, the entire installation, finishing and design to implementation, were successfully carried out within the plan. 


An important contribution to the speed of construction was delivered by both the installer and the builder. The installation is delivered partially prefabricated and all final assembly is limited to the access areas (public areas). By separating the installations works from the (de)construction works a great deal of the assembly can take place independently of the installations. It is also important that during routine maintenance the guests remain undisturbed, thus maintenance can be carried out from outside the rooms.

With regards to finish, the supplier opted for a prefabrication assembly system for the walls, ceilings and bathrooms, whereby the acoustic and technical installations were already integrated. Thanks to this methodology a lot of on-site construction time was saved and failure costs were mineralised. The hand-over had a limited number of delivery points, less than would have been expected from a traditional construction method.


In light of the budget and short duration the outcome is impressive. A sleek and modern design hotel with atmosphere and attention to detail. The project proved the point; the better the preparation, the smoother the execution.




Handing over


Project type

interior new building


1,000-5,000 m2