hospital gets healthy space


At the invitation of government architect Wietse Patijn we gynecology and obstetrics department of the Groningen Academic Hospital design allowed.

The concept of Wietse Patijn was to make a "better house" instead of a "hospital" to achieve. So he made a shopping street of the ambulance, where you going all the patients could see sitting on the balconies. To emphasize the variation Wietse Patijn had the idea that each unit was designed by another designer.

We have the pattern of a Venetian garden and all fucties abstracted as objects in the (outer) enclosure. Thus the counter and consultation room a spatial translation of the arbor become.

Instead of waiting known banks have a cafe-we loose arrangement of chairs and tables created, making the waiting people to choose their own place.

For the children we have designed a larger blocks of upholstered foam shapes, which blocks itself again as a function sofa. This allowed the children near the parents waiting to play, rather than be bound by the "play area".


Handing over


Project type

interior new building


500-1,000 m2





  • Armstrong Building Products