Popular Theatre Benghazi



In Benghazi, Libya’s second city, we were asked to renovate and refurbish a cinema into the city’s theatre, to be called Popular Theatre Benghazi. Benghazi is a beautiful harbour city, with a demand for renovation works.

We created a redesign plan for a modern theatre, in collaboration with the project commissioner, the local building advisory office and the builder. The theatre consists of a Desk, foyer, a coffee corner, a VIP lounge, toilets, the hall seating 300, the stage with decor, technique and various changing rooms.
The building was completely stripped, surveyed, equip with new data, lighting, sound and climate control installations, acoustic walls and ceilings and custom-made layout. Because of the hot climate the systems were installed in such a way that they can deliver a large volume of cool air and be switched on and off without a sound.


With regard to the basic structure, a great deal of use was made of local parties for the building. As for finishing, systems and installations, we had to import knowledge, labour and products.
Through intensive collaboration with locals and partners we achieved the planning, preparation and realisation within 6 months. Given that transportation and customs clearance can take time we can safely claim to have achieved an outstanding result, which was due entirely to a solutions based way of working. Building abroad demonstrated that it is only possible, under severe time constraints and difficult circumstances, with a great deal of perseverance and a willing approach.


Thanks to good cooperation with the project commissioner and the local building advisory office we were able to achieve the implementation while taking local conditions into account. This is reflected in the choice of construction, the layout, colour and materials used, and the technique we employed. The marble façade cladding, the lighting plan and decor designs were all created locally.


Handing over


Project type

exterior and interior existing building


1,000-5,000 m2