The Prairie is a very attractive appearance of a flower meadow, a combination of ornamental grasses and long flowering  perennials. The very naturalistic looking prairie is sustainable: it has a long  durability  and  is not stressfull for the environment. No pesticides, no fertilizers, no extra irrigation.
The maintenance is minimal and is in particular determined by the one mowing per year.
The long durability and low maintenance effort only results with a right choice of plants. A large part of the used plants grow naturally on the American prairies and thereby cope well with drought.
They are strong, long living plants and very attractive to butterflies and bees. Birds profit by the seeds in winter. This shows that also the ecological value is high. The picture is fantastic: in the growing season as a result of the many, big and brightly colored flowers, and also the autumn- and winter attire is beautiful thanks to the special capsules and dead inflorescences.

'Prairie' is of interest for the public green in the city by the long durability and the low maintenance costs, combined with the attractive image.
Near schools thanks to the educational aspects
Near medical centers and healthcare institutions thanks to the therapeutic and relaxing effects
Near striking, modern buildings thanks to the architectural en image qualities
In street verges or in roundabouts; as a marking of special junctions and roads
On roofs of buildings, parking-lots

Lent, Nijmegen-Noord
Thermion: health centre and information centre Waalsprong
De Ster: facilities centre Waalsprong
Overwaal: mental illness healthcenter
Vrouwe Udasingel:  street roundabout



Het Buitenland bureau voor tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur

Handing over



5,000-10,000 m2