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characteristic property change

In the centre of St. Petersburg, next to the Hermitage and the Admiralty on the Neva lies the Senate, situated in a Louis XV palace building. In the cellars of the Senate building we designed and executed, just after the fall of communism, one of the largest catering facility in St. Petersburg.

A venue with 2 bars, 3 restaurants, 3 kitchens, vestibule and toilents, meeting rooms and staff accommodation. Clinton, during his visit to Poetin, dined in the Senate Bar. The Senate Bar is also listed in the World’s Best Bars ranking. To take advantage, after the fall of comunism, of a re-generate Russian pride we chose a ‘Czar’ theme which sucessfully transformed and translated into this place of liesure.

We hired in a lot of Russian artists, the skills of marble moziek, fine art and statues already exists. A complete city view is to be seen on the decorated ceilings in the central area, with its central point beng the Senate Bar. We have all the Czars, including the four commisioners, be shown as statues to create an museum atmosphere.

In order to fit facilities and lighting to the underground spaces and under the arches, we designed wood-paneled rooms - giving a warm atmosphere - behind which the facilities are housed. The ceilings are up-lighted, producing a dramatic impact on the strengthened cross vaults, renovation and decoration of the Senat Bar.




Handing over


Project type

interior existing building


500-1,000 m2