Rondeel, qualitative chicken farming


“Keeping Hens"

The Rondeel is a unique housing system for laying hens. The concept was the outcome of a study by Wageningen University entitled Houden van Hennen which set out to explore the options for a sustainable future for laying hen husbandry. The research team studied the areas of conflict between corporate social responsibility, the needs of the laying hen and an optimum working environment for the poultry farmer. These various perspectives resulted in a package of requirements which formed the basis for designing new methods of keeping laying hens.

Unique housing system

The Rondeel is a round housing system, divided into segments. This new housing concept is spacious and centres on the day quarters. Here nature has been brought inside and the laying hen hens can scratch, explore and take dust baths. The night quarters, on either side of the day quarters, have enough perches to rest, feed and water lines to eat and drink and have nests, where the hens can lay their eggs.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Because of the broad remit of the Houden van Hennen project and because the concept of the Rondeel is centred around the principle of ‘happy hens, proud farmers and a satisfied public’, the Rondeel is a prime example of Corporate
Social Responsibility.

Support of environmental and animal welfare organisations.

The Houden van Hennen study was conducted in intensive cooperation with various social organisations. The involvement and contribution of these organisations make the Rondeel a well supported housing concept. The Dutch animal welfare organisation awarded the Rondeel eggs its ‘Beter Leven’’ quality mark, with 3 stars! Furthermore, the Rondeel eggs are supported by the environmental organization “Stichting Milieukeur” and the animal welfare organization “Wakker Dier”.


Handing over


Project type

exterior new building


10,000-25,000 m2