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Changing a characteristic property

STUDIOLOFT develops studios in both new and existing buildings. These studios are characterized by a high degree of living comfort in a relatively small living space. The comfort is obtained by a sophisticated design and layout, making a loft-like living situation is created. Through a strong combination of the interior space and the inner city location a significant added value is offered to the resident.

The market for starter homes has a limited supply and high demand. Large-scale construction solutions are often too expensive and often not attractive for starters. The average sale price of a home is too high for the starter. To make the market to attainable to starters, according Studio Loft, the purchase should be priced off  €90,000. There is hardly anything available in this category. STUDIOLOFT offers a solution.

By purchasing existing properties and sub-dividing them, or through the "smart" construction of new properties, it is possible to provide both qualitative and affordable housing for the starter market.

STUDIOLOFT develops sustainable building concepts. By realizing energy-efficient, zero energy and even energy generating buildings STUDIOLOFT can contribute to the state and municipalities energy objectives and to a lower energy bill for the resident.

Woonvisie NVM Makelaars Northern branch.
Kleiweg 151, 3051 CN Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
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Project type

exterior and interior existing building


100-500 m2