sustainable hotel with conference centre and shopping mall



In Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, in the city centre, there is a plan for a luxury hotel, apartments and conference centre development. Olthaar Design was asked to do a feasibility study and design.


The concept of designing a city park, incorporates a minimal footprint in the building features. Comfort and sustainability are the main principles of the entire project. In a two angle approach, we designed a building which yields more energy and clean drinking water than is actually needed for the building consumption.


The hard reality in this region is that, on average, 50% of the electric power goes to air conditioning installations. In the sustainability principle, we reduce energy consumption. The comfort is, however, maintained or improved. To do so we encourage energy and water production by using the following methods:

direction of the building
direct sunlight
core part activation
heat-cold storage
heat exchange
smart cooling
solar panels
renewable energy generators
natural ventilation with CO2 measurement
water storage and water filtration including grey water

Luxurious and comfortable layout

The principle is comfort and, besides a pleasant experience of the interior environment, includes the luxurious look of the building. To promote this luxury experience for guests there is a covered entrance to the building. The reception is planned mid high-rise, overlooking the city and surroundings. The rooms are spacious to very large. Some of the apartments are double with private outdoor space for maximum comfort.

On the roof of the tower a luxury restaurant, pool and roof garden are planned. The entire tower is on the north-east side with a lofty view overlooking the presidential palaces and the financial district. Beside the conference centre, there is a shopping mall with indoor parking. Much attention will be paid to security and privacy, because the project especially designed for businessmen, diplomats and government officials.

The goal is to create an atmosphere that does justice to the location, the pride of the country and global thinking and lifestyles of different cultures and visitors. The visitor’s experience is key.

To realize our ambitions we have taken on an international team of consultants in the project. All team members endorse the search for maximum sustainability and comfort.




Handing over


Project type

exterior and interior new building


25,000-50,000 m2