sustainable studio and office in harbour area


Sustainable Architecture

A good example of sustainable architecture is the design for a multipurpose building for multimedia facilities. The building features facilities for studio recording, catering, office and events. Location: near the centre of Amsterdam, in the harbour area.

Double facades are planned front and rear so as to provide a view of the port. The double facade creates a buffer between the outer and inner spaces. This buffer also has, besides a traffic function, a technical and climactic function.


Semi-underground parking is planned, in which the ground floor houses a "stage" and surround. Studio facilities are planned on the "stage". The recording business can, if desired, be followed from the street. Movable walls influence sight and light and larger or smaller closed spaces can be created.

Above the "stage" is a floating a mass of office functions. This mass can be without walls, because all movement areas don’t cross through, they circumnavigate via the surrounding areas. This way the building has all-round accessibility for climate and light. The roof, covered with vegetation, is open to the public with a broad view over the harbour.


The goal is deliver a building with an energy yield. This means applying smart solutions for the overall water and sustainable energy management. The feasibility of which is determined by the final energy consumption and the applicability of the proposed solutions. 




Handing over


Project type

exterior and interior new building


5,000-10,000 m2